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Connecting Writers to their City & A Make Something Edmonton Guide

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Site Specific mobile app that curates Edmonton stories and the Make Something Edmonton community into physical locations in the city.

Designed in Three Parts:

Make Something Edmonton

Documenting and mapping the locations of site specific Make Something Edmonton Locations. Creators will be interviewed and photographed, talking about their work. By walking to each location, users will trigger an audio or video of the creator speaking about their work and personal reflections in the creation of the project.

Edmonton Writers

Edmonton writers, story-tellers and musicians will be given the opportunity to think about and create site specific stories located in Edmonton. The genre of story is open to each creator. History, fiction, music are all ways in which stories can be expressed. The only mandate is that the story must reference the location they are mapped to.

Open Story

The public will be given the tools to submit and share their stories. They pick a physical location, record themselves and upload their video or audio. People will be asked to reflect and share personal memories of their city.

Get Involved

To participate and submit your story or Make Something Edmonton Project, please contact Galen Scorer

Available soon for mobile devices

The app technology has already been developed. The work now, is to curate and find Edmonton stories and document the Make Something Edmonton community.