What's Your Essential Cinema?

Toronto International Film Festival's TIFF Bell Lightbox

What’s Your Essential Cinema, was an interactive projection commissioned for the opening of the Toronto International Film Festival’s new building, the TIFF Bell Lightbox.

Projected above the main foyer, the work allowed the general public to interact with the theme of the show, Essential Cinema.

Prior to the show, a committee had selected the most essential movies of all time.

Each film is represented by one image within a 3 dimensional spiral, mimicking the shape of a film reel.

The work allows the viewer to use their cell phone to vote and comment on their favorite film within the list.

Immediately upon casting their vote via text message, the spiral zooms in and plays a clip from the film.

Design and Development: Galen Scorer
Producer: Ana Serrano
Mobile Dev: Patrick Dinnen
Special Thanks: David Rokeby