Network Touch

A networked public performance

Using video streaming technologies, videos from multiple locations are stitched together to form a single image. Using a customized program using Max/MSP and softVNS2 these images appear to join seamlessly. In both locations a user's hand enters into the video space. As they reach their hand into the space they also see the hand of someone else reaching out to touch their hand. As the two hands move closer together and finally make contact, sounds and words are triggered signifying that moment of contact. Network Touch has been developed as not only a work of reflection and play but also as an experiment on ideas of collaborative musical interface. The program has been designed as a platform where musicians can easily input their own customizable audio files and parameters. Much like a synthesizer, Network Touch becomes an interface to digital audio generation and ultimately can be thought of as an instrument. In this case the instrument relies on the presence of at least two people networked from remote locations. Network Touch— Interaccess 25th Anniversary, Toronto, 2008 Network Kiss— Power Ball 9— Power Plant, Toronto, 2007 Network Touch— Without Borders—Maine 2005 Network Touch— Siggraph— Los Angeles 2005 Network Touch— online video collaboration— Synth/ops/Le Fresnoy 2003